Over and over, students who select environmental engineering are extremely satisfied with their career choice. Whether they work for public agencies or private firms, engineers enjoy the intellectual challenges... the chance to use their skills in math and science...and the opportunity to design or upgrade infrastructure projects which make a significant difference in their communities.

Students and young professionals in environmental engineering relate how they just know the field is right for them: an early childhood interest, a love of math and science, family members in the field, and a deep desire to improve our communities and our world.

I Knew Environmental Engineering Was Right For Me

"If I pursue environmental engineering, I will be helping to clean up the environment."

Alok U. Pandya
BS, D.D.I.T. India; MS, UCLA.

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It’s An Interesting Profession

"In engineering, you can contribute to society."

Mark Revilla
BS Cal Poly Pomona; MS, UCLA

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A Big Responsibility

"I’m glad to take up the responsibility to bring good water to people, and cleaning up, before we dispose of any pollution into the ocean."

Pei-Chin Low
BEng, National University of Singapore; MS, UCLA

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