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Graduate school is a great advantage for a career in environmental engineering. The vision of this program is to increase the number of highly trained engineers who are capable of working effectively to meet the challenges of aging public infrastructure population growth, an aging environmental engineering workforce, and increased regulatory requirements in the United States.

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Selection criteria are a combination of the student's GPA, related coursework, work experience, and other qualifications. Candidates are required to complete an engineering undergraduate degree from an ABET-accredited program in either civil, environmental, chemical, mechanical, or other applicable engineering field.

Students who advance to a participating university, and agree to complete a minimum of five required courses (two core courses and three elective courses – see course list) in water/wastewater treatment and solid waste management may receive estimated tuition and living expenses (as specified by the universities), not exceeding $10,000, for one year of study.

Funding is provided by a consortium of nationally recognized public and private sponsors that employ environmental engineers with advanced degrees. Students are required to successfully complete a Master of Science degree and become an employee of one of the sponsoring organizations in an engineering capacity for a minimum of two years.

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"It's great to have your education paid for and then to get a job with an excellent engineering organization."

Rupam Soni, Engineer
BS, UCLA; MS, UC Berkeley

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Student Terms and Conditions
Funding Program for Master of Science Students in Environmental Engineering


The purpose of the funding program is to provide an incentive for engineering Bachelor's candidates who have a broad interest in various environmental engineering fields, such as municipal water, wastewater, solid waste, air quality, water resources, hazardous waste, sustainable engineering, and energy recovery to pursue a Master of Science degree in environmental engineering.


Funding up to $10,000 for tuition and living expenses (amounts designated by each university) will be available to students who are accepted into a Master of Science degree program at an approved university, and who commit to taking identified required core courses and elective courses. On-line programs are not eligible for E2F funding. The funded student must commit to working for one of the program sponsors for a minimum of two years following graduation.


The priority application period is about three months and generally opens in August/September.  The application may remain posted beyond the priority period due to various reasons (e.g. Selection Committee schedule, funding availability), but students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to assure consideration.  Funding for selected students is typically provided by the program in the summer before the start of the academic year.


Interested students must submit an online application (along with official transcripts), and must attend an approved university and complete required core and elective courses (see PDF list). Students receiving funding must confirm that the courses they intend to take are available during the duration of their Master's Degree program and must contact E2F if classes listed on this site become unavailable. The funded student must commit to working for one of the program sponsors for a minimum of two years following graduation, and is encouraged to interview with all program sponsors that have openings that the student may qualify for (e.g., entry level engineer opportunities that may only require a BS degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering). The funded student should diligently pursue available opportunities until employment with one of the program sponsors has been obtained. Students may select from any sponsoring organization job offer, but no specific geographical location can be guaranteed, and students are expected to show flexibility with regard to job location if offers are provided outside of a student's preferred location. In order to participate in the program, foreign students must have a legal right to attend school while obtaining a Master's Degree and a legal right to work in the United States following graduation for at least the required two-year employment period.

If you have questions regarding this site or the funding program, please contact us.

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