1. Q.
How much funding is available?
The maximum amount is equal to the estimated annual, in-state tuition and living expenses (as specified by the universities) not to exceed $10,000.00.
NOTE: This is a one-time amount, not an annual amount.
2. Q.
Tuition and living expenses at my university are $9,000. Who gets the remaining $1,000?
The remaining funds will stay in the funding pool and be used to assist other students.                        
3. Q.
What Universities are participating in this program?                                 
View the participating Universities                                                                                                     
4. Q.
How do I apply?
You can apply on-line here.                                                                                                      
5. Q.
What courses will I be required to take?
Click here to see the list of required courses at each approved university. Funding recipients must confirm that the courses they intend to take are available during the tenure of their Masters program.
6. Q.
I haven't decided where I want to attend graduate school. Can I still apply for the loan program?
Yes, you may apply to multiple approved universities, but you must be accepted by a participating college or university before you can receive funding.
7. Q.
Must I be a U.S. Citizen?
No, but all applicants must have a legal right to attend school and work in the United States during participation in the Funding Program and the required two-year employment period. The intent of E2F is to increase the number of Environmental Engineers practicing in the United States.
8. Q.
How soon must I apply?
The priority application period is about 2 or 3 months and generally opens in August/September each year (once posted, please reference the student application for exact dates).  A second application period may open in January/February pending funding availability.
9. Q.
When will I know if I received the funding?
Students will be notified by late March. All students must select a participating University by April 15.
How long do I have to work for a sponsoring firm/organization?
Upon graduation, the student must work for one of the sponsors in an engineering capacity for at least two years. Students are allowed to interview with any sponsor and select the job opportunity most appealing to them, but they must also show flexibility by not restricting their job interests to one geographical location.
Will I be required to sign a legal contract?
Yes. This is to ensure that funding recipients understand that they must complete specific course work successfully, and work at one of the sponsoring organizations for two years following receipt of their Masters Degree.
I am planning to continue my education after Graduate School
and will pursue a Doctorate Degree. Will I still be eligible to receive the funding?
No, you must begin working for one of the sponsoring organizations upon completion of your masters degree.
If you have further questions regarding this site or the funding program, please contact us.

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