Meeting future challenges in environmental engineering requires sound and practical training in the areas of water, wastewater, solid waste management, and process control—training most effectively obtained at the graduate school level.

Over and over, engineers who have just started their careers report that a Masters Degree significantly increases their knowledge base, employment opportunities, and career growth. In addition, on September 25, 2006, the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying recommended that obtaining a Masters Degree or taking an additional 30 credits of acceptable upper-level undergraduate or graduate-level coursework from approved course providers beyond what is necessary for a Bachelors Degree be a future requirement of engineering licensure.

Employers, both in public and private sectors also report that those entering the field with a Masters Degree have a major advantage. In many cases, these employers only hire students with an advanced degree.

Helps Open Doors

"The masters degree gives you an edge and helps open doors to higher level jobs"

Lisa Cuellar
E2F Masters Degree Funding Recipient

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An Advanced Degree Gives You So Much More

"I would recommend a masters degree for anyone going into the environmental field"

Miguel Guerrero
E2F Masters Degree Funding Recipient
Stanford University
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Ahead Of The Game

"It's been my experience that students with Masters Degrees come more prepared for their subject matter… and start their careers way ahead of the game."

Harold Glaser
Vice President
Kennedy / Jenks Consultants

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A Masters Gives More Opportunities

"I compared my experience with a friend of mine who graduated with a Bachelors Degree; he topped out where he couldn’t advance without a Masters degree."

Jon Dahl
BS, Cal Poly Pomona; MS, Stanford

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The Education Advantage

"Working at the Districts wouldn’t have been an option if I didn’t have my Masters Degree. Pay wise, I definitely would have been down a few notches."

Jason Waudby
BS, MS; Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

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Go For The Masters, Right Away

"If someone came up and asked me, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them to go on for your Masters right away. It's hard to go back to school after working."

Margo Carr
BS, MS; Manhattan College

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I Wouldn’t Have This Job

"If I didn’t have my Masters Degree, I wouldn’t have been able to get a job here."

Rupam Soni
BS, UCLA; MS, UC Berkeley

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